Here are some questions that we have heard or are anticipating. Click a question to view an answer.

How can I listen to a specific song?

The radio stations on 8BitCool work just like regular radio stations from your car; just tune-in and listen to whatever the DJ is playing! You can always make requests by contacting 8BitCool with what you like. Watch for announcements on Facebook for when new stations rotate into the mix.

How did my song get on the radio?

Many of the songs that 8BitCool plays come from websites specifically devoted to archiving game music from plenty of game music fans. If you hear your music being played, you either submitted it directly here or on one of the many other game music archive sites.

If you have any requests related to your song(s), please contact 8BitCool. As long as your email matches the email address associated with the song(s) in question, 8BitCool will try to entertain any requests you may have.

How do I contribute music to the radio?

Music can fall into many categories like remix, original, or lyrical. In general, the piece should remind the music listener of something from the 8-bit era of gaming.

To upload your music, please contact us for further instructions.

Can I link to 8BitCool from my website?

Yes, it’s appreciated that you link to 8BitCool. The selection of buttons is available on the Advertising page.