8bit-radio.com was a site made with great love and effort. However, the tech has become antiquated – the radio player had been functioning for less and less people as time moved on. It’s also been a lot of maintenance to make changes to images, text, etc.

As such, 8bit-radio.com is now closed in place of this new 8BitCool. There is a brand new content management system – much better than anything I have used in my career (and that’s saying a lot considering that I specialized in this area at a Fortune 500 company).

8BitCool also has new technology backing the radio. That means that everyone will be able to listen to the radio on any configuration of desktop, browser, phone, etc! Hope you enjoy the new home for the coolest retro radio around!

Oh, and for those of you who sent kind comments about the custom retro mashups on 8bit-radio.com, I’ve taken a couple screenshots of the two main page skins to preserve them.